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The GreenTech for Ports and Terminals Conference took place virtually on the 22nd & 23rd September 2021.  It is the only large-scale green technology conference which caters to both ports and terminals, with a focus on collaboration.

The event offered two afternoons focused on green technology and one morning dedicated to green financing and investment.

Green Technology: the focus was on the most innovative and sustainable technologies, from large-scale electrified equipment to software solutions. The aim of the two half days was to inform decision makers within Port authorities and Terminals as to which technologies will be the most opportune in their journey to cutting emissions.

Green Financing: green projects and energy efficient practices require significant capital. To address this, the green finance dedicated morning brought together the different financial institutions involved with the process and discussed port expansion, infrastructure investments, risk profiles, green/sustainable financing and more.

The event dived into the tech, government regulation, practical sustainability projects and their funding, and how collaboration between ports, terminals and even shipping liners will be the silver bullet to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.  

Why Attend?

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To meet and network with companies and individuals who can help to inform your sustainability journey.

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To become aware of the implications of EU and IMO green initiatives.

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To understand the business case for various green technologies and how green financing can be sourced.

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To introduce Ports and Terminals to financial institutions who can help get sustainability projects off the ground

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To learn how Ports and Terminals will need to collaborate to ensure sustainability goals are met.

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To learn how early adopters and key stakeholders are achieving good results with green technology.

Key Topics

Emerging technologies provide much of the buzz when discussing efficiency and continuous operational improvement in ports and terminals, but just how important are they to the discussion of sustainability?

Sustainability, automation, zero-emission investments- just a few of the key elements for green financing.

The IMO target will require ports, terminals, and shipping liners to collaborate in ways that have previously been considered at odds within the competitive market in maritime.

Operations that are smart, efficient, innovative and look to reduce emissions seem to have more visibility in the context of energy transition and backed by government legislation.

Looking at how ports can finance mega investments that have a significant impact on the energy landscape and include renewable energy sources of production.

Eliminating the use of diesel in ports and terminals can dramatically reduce emissions. It is not yet clear which of the competing alternative technologies and fuels will be widely adopted.

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Who Attends?

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of GreenTech for Ports & Terminals will enhance your company’s portfolio in the industry, offering unique access to the most influential players in the maritime sector.

A limited number of sponsorship packages are available for companies that wish to gain exposure and improve their reach, including speaking and exhibiting opportunities.

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