GreenTech Agenda 2023

GreenTech for Ports & Terminals 2021 took place virtually in September 2021 with a focus on the implementation and financing of sustainable technologies and the collaboration that will be required to drive industry-wide progress on decarbonisation.

The agenda showcased the leading projects, regulations and initiatives advocating for lower emissions and how collaboration between ports, terminals and shipping liners will be essential to achieve sustainability goals.  Green financing sessions brought together the different financial institutions involved with the process and discussed port expansion, infrastructure investments, risk profiles, green/sustainable financing and more.

The term sustainability is far reaching and leads to conversations about people, health, safety, security and community impact.  With this in mind, our in-person conference in February 2023 will focus on decarbonisation and environmental harm, helping ports and terminals to build a business case for investing in new sustainable technologies and practices.

2023 Agenda at a Glance

Future Fuels

How the adoption of future fuels can provide the shipping industry with green energy supply and reduce port emissions

Digitalisation and Decarbonisation

How digitalised operations will accelerate the industry’s Net Zero Mission

Sustainable AI

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create smart, sustainable ports


The policy and regulation impacting green port strategy

Green Shipping Corridors

The role of the port in establishing Green Shipping Corridors

Electrifying Ports

The ultimate in sustainability: Electrification of port equipment