Aleix Pons

Principal Consultant – Transport Policy

Aleix Pons: Aleix is a Principal Consultant and leads the Economic Analysis service line in the Sustainable Transport team at Ricardo. He has over 11 years of experience in economic analysis of transport policies with a focus on decarbonisation policies across all transport modes. Aleix is highly skilled in assessing regulatory, pricing and governance reforms in transport, assessing costs and benefits, and the wider economic and environmental impacts of transport policies. As project manager/director, he has been leading multiple international projects for a wide range of public and private clients. In the maritime sector, he led the impact assessment study for DGCLIMA on the extension of the EU ETS for maritime transport and he was also involved in the follow up work looking into the development of secondary legislation for the implementation of this policy package. Aleix is also experienced in the IMO decarbonisation strategy. He is technical lead for a study supporting the DGMOVE with the assessment and modelling of measure proposed by the EU to the IMO. He also contributed to a study for the IMO on the feasibility of low and zero carbon fuels and technologies. Aleix holds a Mxc in civil engineering and a PhD in transport economics.