Hanno Bromeis

Head of Port Energy Solutions
Hamburg Port Authority

Hanno joined Hamburg Port Authority in 2020 to assume responsibility for HPA’s shore power activities. He initially oversaw the go-to-market strategy and its execution ranging from the planning and construction, to launch and operation of the various shore power facilities. He then assumed the lead of HPA’s newly founded Port Energy Division, to chaperone the other energy transition activities around the three main lines of activity around green electron delivery, green electron production and green molecule delivery, to meet EU requirements as well as the City / Port’s own targets in this respect.

He has a background in strategy consulting focussing on go-to-market and growth strategies with a broad industry experience ranging from tourism & transportation and energy, lately focussing more on the issues of sustainability and renewables. He holds a business degree from University of Cologne and London School of Economics and lives with his family in the beautiful city of Hamburg.