Jurgi Areizaga Casares

Oficina Verde -Algeciras Port Authority

Jurgi has a degree in Marine Sciences, a PhD from the University of
Cantabria, and a degree in Economics, with more than 18 years of
experience as director of marine and coastal projects,
environmental and oceanographic consultant and team leader.
Great experience in carrying out different environmental and
sustainability studies. Highlighting the environmental impact study
of the electrical interconnection between Tenerife and La Gomera,
strategic environmental studies of the Ports of Tarragona and
Cartagena, and marine environmental monitoring of the Nador
West Med port, the El Aaiún phosphate loading dock and the Saf
thermal power plant. , and the management of technical assistance
to monitor the environmental and sustainability strategy of the port
authorities of the Balearic Islands and the Bay of Algeciras