Maria Manuel Cruz

Environmental Manager
Port of Aveiro

She has been working for Port of Aveiro Authority (APA S.A.) for about 29 years, as responsible for the Sustainability and the Environmental Management of Port of Aveiro and Port of Figueira da Foz, concerning waste, water quality, wastewater, air quality and noise management, as well as environmental monitoring (aquatic and seawater quality, dredging sediments quality, benthos among others) of port infrastructure works.

As a representative of APA, she participates in research and development projects and partnerships related to the port and the surrounding environment (Ria de Aveiro), in particular with the University of Aveiro, being an example the Horizont2020 projects such as EMERGE (ship emissions), ECLIPSE (climate changes) and CLAIRCITY (urban air quality) or the Interreg Projects such as SPRES: Oil Spill Prevention and Response (spills into water) and Atlantic Blue Ports (ballast water).

In parallel, she has been teaching in Higher Institute of Information Sciences and Administration (ISCIA) the Port Environment Management and the Safety and Environment in Transport and Logistics subjects, is also a reviewer of scientific papers and has carried out several consultancy actions, participated in work teams that developed environmental impact studies and municipal master plans.