Pablo Garcia

General Manager
Hutchison Logistics Synergy SA

Pablo joined Hutchison Logistics Synergy as General Manager in June 2019, to growth this rail company that belongs to Hutchison Ports BEST. Pablo is responsible of the smooth running of the company, and he has to deal with every part of it:  operations, commercial, finance, customers visits, suppliers negotiations and so on.

Pablo has over 10 years of transports and logistics experience, always related to maritime and continental containers. He started working in operations in a tank container transport company, and then he switched to managed the Spanish Intermodal Department in the world´s first seafreight forwarder.

Pablo is always motivated with his work, thinking “out of the box” to explore new paths and innovate in this simple, regular and outdated transport sector.

Pablo is used to solve problems, lead teams, negotiate with suppliers/customers and develop projects.

Pablo was graduated in Business Administration in Zaragoza University, in Spain, with a Master in International Trade.