Patrik Benrick

Head of Strategic Development & Innovation
Port of Gothenburg

Patrik Benrick is the Head of Strategic Development & Innovation in the Port of Gothenburg, Scandinavia’s largest port and one of the leading ports of the world in environmental matters. Mr Benrick leads a team that run a wide range of strategic development projects, in partnerships with shipping companies, truck manufacturers and terminal operators. First and foremost, the focus is finding green and smart logistic solutions and overall reduce CO2-emissions to reach Port of Gothenburg’s goal of a 70 percent CO2-reduction to 2030.
Mr Benrick is currently involved in partnerships for establishing green shipping corridors between the port of Gothenburg and the port of Gent and port of Rotterdam, respectively, as well as establishing green corridors by rail transport to inland terminals around Sweden. Mr Benrick therefore has hands on experience regarding the role of the port in green corridors.
Mr Benrick has a long-running experience of leading strategic partnerships projects in a wide range of technical environments and holds an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Mr Benrick has previously worked at the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Maritime Administration, WSP Analysis & Strategy and in the construction industry.