Pim van Leeuwen

Simulation Consultant

Pim van Leeuwen is a simulation consultant at Portwise; a leading terminal design, simulation and automation company based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Holding an MSc in Quantitative Logistics and Operations Research (Econometrics), he mainly works for containers terminals of all shapes and sizes, but also has experience with bulk terminals and warehouses. During projects, he determines terminal capacities using berth simulations and static calculations and finds design bottlenecks using detailed yard simulations. Projects that Pim has participated in include long term development, phasing, process improvement, expansions, redesign and comparative business cases.

At Portwise, he has shown to be increasingly all-round, working on container and bulk terminal projects of different natures, but also developing new features in simulation models, such as a tool that validates and analyzes yard contents.  Next to that, he has been a key player in expanding the application of Portwise simulation studies to warehouses. Finally, he is involved in internal future proof goalsetting and project management.

Next to his work at Portwise, Pim is a PhD student at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he studies and optimizes interactions between container terminals and shipping lines.