Remmelt Thijs

Senior Project Manager

Remmelt Thijs is senior project manager in the head office of TBA and provides specialized container terminal planning consultancy using extensive expertise supporting by dynamic simulation.  Remmelt Thijs (MSc at Delft University of Technology) has been the principle consultant for multiple terminal design and optimization studies for different terminals worldwide comprising of all major terminal handling systems and both for small and large port operations.

Remmelt has specifically worked on multiple planning projects consisting of semi-automated equipment and rail operations in the European and North American regions. In these projects detailed simulation was used to assist the planning and layout work. Remmelt has set-up the TBA office in the United States and in the role of manager North America was involved in multiple planning project in the North American region.

Remmelt also has worked on a wide range of terminals using bulk terminals, and container terminals regarding conventional equipment types with focus on terminal planning or terminal optimization. Here simulation was also typically used to quantify planning or optimization decisions. These terminals have primarily been located in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.